Woodcutting Guide

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Woodcutting Guide

Post  Vaan on Sun Mar 01, 2009 12:39 am

Original guide by "Weezy F Baby" My other account.

~Step 1~ Getting your axe.

The Axe costs 22 coins. Once you buy this, then teleport to Catherby. (Third row, farthest to the right.) Once you teleport to Catherby, you then must proceed to Seers. You will need to follow the path from Catherby. Walk along it until you reach the bank at Seers. From there, you can begin your Lumber Jack career.

~Step 2~ Leveling

Once you have arrived at Seers begin cutting the normal/regular trees until you are level 15. After you are level 15, you can move to the Oak Tree (the one right beside the bank on the right) and cut that until you are level 30.
after you are level 30 you can then proceed behind the bank and cut the willow tree until 45. Once 45 head backk to the front of the bank and you can cut either of the Maple Trees there. Once your woodcutting level is 60 you can then move on to yews by walking south. You will see them. Cut these until level 75. From there proceed further south and you will run into the magic trees. You will cut these until you're level 99.

Type Level Req. XP gain
Regular Logs 1 50xp
Oak Logs 15 76xp
Willow Logs 30 136xp
Maple Logs 45 200xp
Yew Logs 60 350xp
Magic Trees 75 500xp
If you want to firemake you can burn the logs, and you will still be chopping the tree, so you can FM and WC at the same time! Enjoy.

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Sweet guild!

Post  jonas n zerk on Mon Mar 09, 2009 1:32 am

Sweet! Nice job

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