How to help donate to our server.

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How to help donate to our server.

Post  Weezy F Baby on Mon Feb 23, 2009 7:46 am

Ok, im sure most of you already know this and how it works, but we need more donations for the server.

~Step 1~ Creating PayPal account

Go to PayPal and create an account there. It is 100% free, you do not need a credit card/ bank pin or anything. Once you enter your personal info, it will ask how would you like to pay? under the "apply for paypal credit card" option it wll say "go to my account" Jus click there and you're good. Paypal is basicly your own private online bank account. You can add money on here from your credit card, or link it to your bank account.

~Step 2~ Creating GangserGreed account

After creating your Paypal account, visit GangsterGreed and create an account here also. When signing up, use the email address you used to create your paypal account.

~Step 3~ Earning money

After you have completed the first 2 steps, login to your GangsterGreed account and select the top option on the left "Earn Cash" then select "Free Offers" From here, you just complete and fill out different surveys. They are all very short and simple. You can even provide fake information and still complete it. Each survey will reward you with about $0.50-$1.75 (USD) on average. Once you get a total of 10$ you can go to your account and select "Payout" This will then send the 10$ (or however much you accumulated) to your paypal account.

~Step 4~ Donating your money from paypal to StarOnline
When you are ready to donate, click on the "Send Money" Tab in when you are logged into PayPal. You will send the donations too ""


And there you go. You just donated to your favorite server.
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